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Evalistic: of or relating to the spiritual study, practice, teachings and healing techniques as channeled by Rev. Eva Marquez.

Evalistic Energy Healing: an alternative/holistic approach to self-healing that is spiritual in nature and attempts to treat not only the body, but also the mind and spirit so that one becomes whole again. Energy healing is based on the belief that a healer is able to channel healing energy into the person seeking help by different methods.

As humans we have been trained and conditioned to think of medicine as a separate world when we become sick. As children we are taught to go to doctors and hospitals for treatment, follow their advice, and spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on medical bills. If you do not have medical insurance you often times have to do without medical treatment and just suffer the consequences. This does not have to be the case. With the increasing popularity of alternative and holistic approaches to overall health and well-being humans are starting to realize that we all have the ability to self-heal, and don't always have to go to a doctor or hospital for every single illness.

Message from Rev. Eva Marquez:

Greetings beautiful souls,

I am Eva. I am a spiritual counselor and healer. Since I was born I was different than others. It took me many years to find myself. My life path has been filled with devastating bumps as well as fields of much joy. When I finally came to a fork in the road I had to make a choice on which path I would continue. I accepted my life and I surrendered to everything that had occurred in my life both bad and good. At that moment I chose to serve humanity, I chose the path filled with fields of joy. On that day my soul began to consciously work with me. Today in my spiritual work I utilize my inherited Pleiadian energy. My consciousness has awakened and I have remembered the "Language of Light" along with many other ancient soul memories. I work with my guides "Lights of the Universe" who are a collective group of light beings from various star nations, and with my higher self who on occasions enjoys visiting others in dreams and during meditation to give assistance or healing if needed.

About ten years ago my guides shared with me that I am a soul healer. They did not give me a job description. They just spoke out loud these two words, and then walk alongside and guided me while I learned, practiced, and grew into a soul healer. They did not lift me from the floor when I was down, but they lovingly waited and waited until I understood the meaning of self-love, courage, and discipline to lift myself up.

Who is a soul healer? The soul healer is someone who helps others to heal their soul and assists them to connect with their higher self. The soul healer works with 4 dimensional emotional energy that resides in the physical heart and in the soul. The physical heart and infinite soul are interconnected for each incarnation. What we refer to in the 3 dimensional world as a broken heart or emotional trauma imprints itself energetically in the 4 dimensional soul, creating blockages in the spiritual growths that follows us from lifetime to lifetime. When the soul goes through uncounted lifetimes of Earth incarnations without healing itself, the soul may develop soul's PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). When a soul develops PTSD, it gets stuck in a re-incarnating cycle. After the soul leaves the physical body it goes to heaven which is in the 4th dimension and forgets that it can go much higher - that t can connect with the creator and leave Earth's realm for good. The soul healer gently works through the physical body's heart and the 4 dimensional body's emotional energy, and then brings the healing to the soul itself, which in time will descend back into the physical body, creating a beautiful alignment of the energies. The soul healer works with the element of love and teaches the souls that love can heal any wound. While the soul healer works on healing the 4th dimensional body, the individual has to work on mastering self love in the 3 dimensional body. Once this is achieved the individual's soul can make a full merge with the 5th dimensional body of the higher self, and embark on a long awaited journey of returning home.

My mission is to teach you about your personal powers so that you can be your own guru! I also bring back memories of infinite love from God. Love is the most important energy tool we each have. I am dedicated to assist those who need healing on all levels. I work with people who have terminal illness, mothers who are expecting a child with birth defects, those who have fallen into deep depression or despair, those who have lost all hope, those who are suffocated by fear, those that feel all alone, those that have been abused both physically and mentally, and anyone else needing my assistance or guidance. I work through ancient DNA and assist starseeds to activate their DNA, their memories, and to connect with their soul family. I am here to show you that there is a "light at the end of the tunnel" and that through love we can reach that light.

Love and Light on your journey!


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